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The Game

Monster Castle is a strategy based PVP/PVE tower defense game. Both aspects allow the player to alternate between launching an efficient, effective attack to destroy your opponent’s palace, and key positioning of an array of defensive structures, traps, troops, and unique heroes to protect your own. Monster Castle is free and can be played competitively so. The game offers in-app purchases to bypass waiting times or acquire offensive/defensive power by purchasing crystals, bloodstones, and heroes. Crystals can be utilized to speed up construction and upgrades of structures, upgrading troops, troop creation, life refill on heroes, mana regeneration for assisting spells in battle, stamina refill for the PVE campaign and PVP Sam’s battles, resource protection shields, and for two unique portals that allow the player a chance to obtain unique heroes, spell books to upgrade hero’s skills, and chalices which double the effectiveness of heroes for 12 hours. Bloodstones, which are earned based on personal and alliance based battles, and through package offers in the store, are utilized on the third type of portal which can give the player spell books, chalices, or hero shards.

They can also be used to grant a hero experience by utilizing the devour function in the hero throne. Hero shards are a unique currency that allow the player to bypass the chance factor of obtaining a hero. They are used to purchase a specific hero the player desires after the required amount is accumulated (50 for common hero, 200 for rare, 800 for epic). A portal draw from any of the three previously mentioned accumulate energy. Once 100% energy is obtained, you are guaranteed a random epic hero using a 700 crystal draw from the hero portal. Once a day you are given a free draw from the bloodstone portal. Once a week you are given a free draw from the wisdom portal (spell books and chalices). There are two options when utilizing the three portals, 1x and 10x. When using 10x draw, you are rewarded the discount equivalent to a 1x draw. For new players there is a daily login feature that awards the player with resources, in-game currency, and specific heroes based on the number of days the player logs in. The end of the daily login feature rewards the player with the epic Pharaoh hero. After the Pharaoh is acquired the event is no longer available. There are three classes of heroes in Monster Castle: Attack, defense, and team. Any type of hero can be used in attack/defense battles, but the class offers specific utilization to your arsenal. Each hero wields a unique active skill that increases in power as you level your hero. The hero gains experience when they are garrisoned in a hero throne and successfully win a PVP attack battle. The other option is using the devour function of the hero throne, which utilizes bloodstones, crystals, or resources (wine) to increase the experience of a hero by a specified amount, depending on the option for devourment selected. There are 14 unique heroes in Monster Castle. Six common, four rare, and 4 epic. Common heroes max at level 29, rares at 39, and epics at 50. Each level gained adds base health and base attack damage. After reaching specific levels heroes active skill power increases. At 10 level increments a hero is able to spend bloodstones to use the evolution function of the hero throne. Until the evolution is completed, the experience of the hero is capped. After each evolution (minus level 50) the hero gains a skill slot. These skills are passive and differentiate based on the class of the hero. Passive skills max out at level 40 and the skill book cost to increase the skill rises at each level. There are three types of skill books that are used to raise the hero’s passive skills. You can exchange lower rank books for the next tier of spell book at a ratio of 5:1. There are nine different troops accessible in Monster Castle. These troops specialize in melee, ranged, healing, and utility. Orcs and bears are your melee troops, gnolls and witches are your ranged troops, and shamans are able to heal your troops/heroes. Goblins are fast melee troops who will only target resource structures. Pumpkin bombs will only target barricades, if no baricade is present they will target the nearest enemy structure or attack unit and explode for a one-time damage source. Bats ignore the castle path and attack the closest structure/unit. Note: Groups of bats take area of effect damage from magic terrace defensive structures. Ghosts only target the enemy palace. They can bypass any defensive structures and traps aside from barricades. They also passively have a chance to dodge attacks. There is a cap to the size of an army the player can create based on point value. Orcs account for 1 point, gnolls, goblins, bats, and pumpkin bombs account for 2 points, bears and witches account for 4 points, shaman for 5, and ghosts for 6. The versatility of the player’s army is up to the player and can be altered based on attack strategy. Troops are created in the training room and each unit has a specific training time required. A Unit’s base health and base attack can be upgraded using resources (wine) in the laboratory structure. Monster Castle provides an alliance based system, where you can join with fellow players in a clan. There are two chat streams available, global (all players), and alliance (only players in your alliance). The player and the rest of the alliance can spend resources to increase the strength of an alliance. Using gold and wine you can increase the number of apprentices, lords, sentinels, and member cap of your alliance. There is also an option to exchange gold for bloodstones, however, this does not raise the level of the alliance. There is one king who oversees alliance position appointments. The apprentice position is used to allow weaker member to join your alliance, allowing them to attack in wars, but will not be utilized in the defense line. Lords are able to declare wars and recruit new members into the alliance. Sentinels are used to ensure that the strongest players in your alliance are in the defensive line in wars. Wars can be declared by the king or appointed lord once every 20 hours. A war is between four alliances and lasts 4 hours. Any member of an alliance is capable of participating in the offensive aspect of the war. Your defensive line includes all appointed sentinels and random members, with the king being at the end of the line. There are 10 defensive positions available. The goal is to accumulate the most points for your alliance by defeating enemy alliance castles. The points scale based on which position the enemy castle is within the defensive line. Castle 1-9 are worth 5-45 points scaling by 5. Kings are worth 100 points. The 1st place alliance is awarded the highest sum of bloodstones, while second and third place alliances receive a smaller amount. The players own castle increases in size as you level the palace structure. The player levels as you construct a new structure, or upgrade an existing one. As your player level increases, the amount and type of structures available to build it upgrade increase. Your castle is divided into floors which you can place defensive structures to defend and attempt to halt an enemy attack at each floor. Attacking players can enter your castle at any place that is more than one space open. The player places structures to defend their palace as they see best. Structures can occupy anywhere from 1-4 spaces depending on the size of the structure. In order for an attacking player to ascend to the next floor (aside from bats, goblins, pumpkin bombs, and ghosts) the attacker must destroy all structures/defending units on each floor. The attacker can achieve victory by defeating the castle structures at 40% (1-star), 70% (2-stars), and 100% (3-stars). Winning a battle on the offensive or defensive side awards an amount of medals comparative to each players medal worth. Medals determine global ranking and provide a daily crystal bonus depending on how many medals the player possesses up to 30 crystal maximum reward. The hero throne structure allows one hero to be garrisoned on whatever floor the player desires to place the throne. The hero will attack any enemy unit on the floor it is garrisoned. Sentry stations allow a certain point value of troops (4-6 depending on sentry station level) to perform the same defensive function as a hero. Crossbows, canons, spikes, magic terraces, guillotines, and beam zumas are structures that will target attacking units within their attack radius. Dynamite, springs, circular saws, and rolling rocks are hidden traps that cannot be seen by attacking players until they are triggered. The player can use all structures and hidden traps to defend their castle based on their strategy. When attacking another player or defending in PVE battles, players are allowed to use spells to assist their troops/castle. The spells available are lightning (aoe damage within a radius), freeze (immobilizes units and structures for a specified time), shield (any friendly units inside are invulnerable for a specified time), reveal trap (disables hidden traps within a specified range), and summon (summons skeleton warriors anywhere in a castle until they are defeated or the specified time duration has elapsed). Once all available attacking units are defeated, the palace structure is destroyed, or the allotted 5-minute battle time expires the battle ends. The attacking party is awarded plundered resources, medals, hero experience, and between 0-2 bloodstones per battle. If the attacker does not successfully destroy at least 40% value of the castle (structures value varies), they forfeit medals to the defender, gain no hero experience, and acquire no bloodstones. Once attacked, a defending player will be able to inact revenge on the attacking player if they so desire.

The Monsters